Sharing Our Story with Susan Salk of

To speak the language of her horse. To listen, really listen; this was the higher-minded goal of Stefanie Rittner…

~Susan Salk, “Chicago Teacher Learns at the Foot of a Mare” (March 2014)

I’m thrilled to announce that Ngugi and I were featured in an article!  What an honor it was to be interviewed over the phone by Susan Salk, creator/writer of, just a few weeks ago.  It reminded me that our story of perseverance and patience with each other is special and worth sharing.  Tonight, I’ll pass on the link to the article and let you listen to Ngugi’s Word through a fresh  voice. 

If you are not already following her blog, I encourage you to do so.  Her mission is to honor thoroughbreds surviving the demands of racing and establishing their worth and talent beyond the track.  If you peruse the archives for a bit, you’re bound to land on a story showcasing the partnership between this remarkable breed and the humans who give them a second chance.